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Hello world. I’m Jelv from the Netherlands. Welcome on It has been three years since a friend introduced me to Age of Empires II HD and I’ve been hooked ever since. First playing against friends, then against players from the Gathering of Tweakers (Dutch), later even some small tournaments and the a few lan parties. This site is my little side project to give back to the aoe2 community that I’ve enjoyed the last few years. And it’s a good change for me to improve my development skills.

The plan is to built a definitive edition Age of Empires 2 Wiki. First as beta in English and when it’s stable enough also in other languages like Dutch.

Currently there is high quality information scattered all over the social networks, forums and sites of the community. There are great topics on AoCZone, /r/aoe2, there is, Voobly’s AoC Knowledge Base, the Steam Community, AoK University and Jineapple’s AoC Cheat Sheet. The big aoe wiki, Wikia, ties some of this information together, but it’s full with advertisment and trackers. That just leaves me with bad taste in my mouth. My view is that a healthy community should be funded by it’s own people and not by selling it’s attention. Just like Mastodon and EscapeAoE I want to be crowdfunded.

So my plan is to built an crowdsourced and crowdfunded up-to-date wiki focused on Age of Empires 2. I’ve setup Liberapay for the crowdfunding. The current hosting and domain cost are just €1,06 a week. During the beta I will cover the costs, but the community should step up when the site launches. For now there is not really a timeline. I will just donate the time that I got and see how quick it all goes. At this moment I’m looking into MediaWiki, it’s extentions and a good version control system.

If you have any question about the, please leave a comment below or shoot a message on our Mastodon channel.